The Northcoast Zine......

Its officially here, The Northcoast Zine has been released as a PDF and is available NOW! 




The Northcoast

After months of procrastination and pure malaise I finally got all the files together to make a downloadable zine! What's a zine? I hear you say, great question, Zines are small self published books, usually printed by the publisher sometimes not, that forego the laborious process of publishing houses, editors and such. Its becoming mainstream although been on the fringes of the publishing world, sort of like the long forgotten, unwanted redheaded step child. The zine culture was born out of wanting to share both stories and images, in a very raw organic cotton kind of way, with friends and such, often significantly cheaper than a published book and easy to distribute. Zines are normally printed, and this particular one, The NorthCoast, will also be printed, I'm  presently working with a local printer to finalize the logistics. But today, with retina and high definition screens I decided to create a PDF so that you can download it to your device and have it with you all the time, if you so choose. 

So, head on over to the Store, Purchase the Zine, Thank you, and a link will be sent to you with you new acquisition! 

Thank you.