Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year!

Firstly, a big Thank you to everyone whom purchased a 2019 Calendar, it was quite successful and I very grateful to you all. Without sounding crass, 2019 looks like it’s going to be an interesting year, new projects in the works , new website design and possibly a surprise or two. I’m intending to cross a few things off the bucket list this year, not getting any younger, so plans are being made the first of which will occur at the end of the month. More news on that later.

The website is an ever evolving creative endeavor and with that comes decisions regarding its content and what images I present to all of you. As much as I like colour images I often feel that the colour itself detracts from the composition although one could also say certain elements add to the composition, at this time in my creative work, Black and White photographs are what I love to shoot, in fact I shoot in Black and White whilst using my Fuji XT2, just seems like another step to shoot in colour and then turn them into BW, one more step.

So for now, the website will only showcase Black and White images, you’ll able to purchase them in the new store and I’ll be adding new images and maintaining the blog on a more consistent basis, keeping everyone up to date on all of the news. For now I wish you all the Best that 2019 has to offer.