Weather and Plateaus

It's been an interesting couple of weeks, Solar eclipse that floods in Texas, Florida currently being inundated by Irma and a 8.0 earthquake just off the Mexico coast, all a bit to much! Whom ever disputes global're off your rocker! I digress, maybe not, its been unfathomly hot here in Northern California, records broken, people complaining, fires raging, I'm not a lover of hot climes and thus have spent time working on new projects...or at least thinking about them. I've also decided to suspend Photography workshops for the foreseeable future, more about that soon.

Creatively, I've hit a bit of a plateau, something that anyone whom pursues a creative life has to confront sometime, it can be challenging, forcing you to question everything you do and there are individuals who have just given up, put the brushes down, turned the lights out in the studio, hung the camera up, let the typewriter gather dust never to return. Yet, I see this as a time for thought, renewal and re-emegence, to create the next chapter.. So, I've decided to reacess the foundation of my creative pursuits and have come to the conclusion that Black and White needs to be my focus for a while and we'll see where that takes me.