New Website design

Well the time had come for a change, Change is the only constant they say, I wonder why we as a species seem so resistant to it? The website lacked a the dynamic feel that I wanted and I hadn't found a template that offered a minimalistic style that allowed for grater ease of use, The chaps at Squarespace have released some new templates one of which is the template Im presently transitioning to, I've noticed of late no matter where I go society seems to be spending more of their time scrolling on their phones, at home, at work, in the drive-thru at starbucks, at the grocery store and finally just out and about, The dynamic overuse of the thumb whilst scrolling I predict will cause overuse injuries including arthritis, That said the goal of the newly designed website is to give you enough information at first with a scroll for you to want to explore more. We shall see. The new sections, including "new work" new galleries and a online store will be on the way, all of which take time away from getting out onto location, speaking of which, I've not shot for a few weeks, UGH!