New Camera and Lenses

Actually its a completely new system, after 15yrs of shooting with Canon, I've switched to Fujifilm Mirrorless., the Fujifilm XT2, Yes, you read that right, mirrorless for landscape photography! Gone off your rocker have you? well, not quite yet, not far off though! The transition came after much thought and a severe reality check! Last January I broke my left ankle whilst out on location, not surgical, Thankfully, but needless  to say the recovery has been slightly challenging to say the least. I was told it would take about a year to finally heal and get back to normal, whatever that is!   I've never wanted a year to go by as quickly! So as it stands, excuse the pun, I have the better part of 6 months to go. But I digress, so back to cameras, I went to a mirrorless system for a number of reasons, weight, lenses and dynamic range, all of which have been improved upon since I purchased my camera, new software updates by Fuji have made the camera even more user friendly. I won't say there hasn't been a learning curve, when you've been with one manufacturer and known one menu system for 15yrs plus it becomes second nature. The files from the fuji are beautiful, the lenses robust, sharp, contrasty, well built and cheaper. The Aperture ring on the lenses a nice surprise. Presently having an affair with the 10-24mm fujinon lens, I'll post more findings after I've had the camera for a while.