Fractures and Social Media!

As some of you may know, mostly those whom follow me on social media, about 7 weeks ago I fell and broke my ankle whilst on location, I'm hopefully nearing the homestretch as far as healing is concerned, my ability to walk is getting better, never knew how much I liked to walk or wear normal shoes, it's interesting to do without what we take for granted. Whilst on the sidelines with the company of my cat, I've had some time to reflect, think about changing camera systems, different venues for exhibiting work, even experimenting with different mediums and occasionally feeling sorry for myself! Truth be told, it's been a bit of a slog, I've severely missed getting out traveling/walking to location and creating a photograph, I look at stairs somewhat differently now! 

I've had time to wander through my archives and look for visual clues regarding style or technique, mainly because I was reliving what someone expressed jokingly or not that I was "a one trick pony" and to be honest I was a little pissed off. Yet when looking at the archives I did see a style, foggy water, long exposures, dramatic light, compositions were a little formulaic, nothing I haven't seen before depicted across the vastness of the internet. I could argue that's my style and I like it that way, its my vision, my art, certainly a very defensive stance, and why wouldn't you defend your vision, your craft that you've spent years perfecting! Where am I going with this? I’m not sure to be honest, yet I suppose if we were to look for the lesson here, it would be, or it would be my interpretation that, don’t be swayed by the opinions of others, art is such a fickle medium and many an artist has been stunted or even worse given up being creative, I think thats unfortunate. 

I have images in my house that are just for me, no-one will see them unless they visit, I shot them with myself in mind and have 30x40’s of both Iceland and the Northcoast hanging on my walls just for my enjoyment! My thought here is, unless you’re shooting commercially, you ought to be shooting for yourself, not for the masses, not for likes on Facebook, or Instagram, for yourself, we live in a society were social media is so pervasive and often invasive, its seemingly changing the way we interact in person, 

So shoot what you love, what your passionate about, for yourself, and those whom either don’t like it nor understand your work…….thats perfectly ok, never let the opinions of other define you, seems like everyone has an opinion these days, myself included!