New Efforts and an Online shop!

Hello all, been a while since I last posted anything of consequence, but today I do have a few things to share. The first is new work, please go to the new work section to see some of the latest images taken. See what you think. Secondly, a new online store is coming within the week, there'll be images for sale, a zine, more on that later, and another little surprise that has been in the works yet curtailed by procrastination, mine that is. So all in all alot in the pipeline, soon to be revealed. Have great day all.


Weather and Plateaus

It's been an interesting couple of weeks, Solar eclipse that floods in Texas, Florida currently being inundated by Irma and a 8.0 earthquake just off the Mexico coast, all a bit to much! Whom ever disputes global're off your rocker! I digress, maybe not, its been unfathomly hot here in Northern California, records broken, people complaining, fires raging, I'm not a lover of hot climes and thus have spent time working on new projects...or at least thinking about them. I've also decided to suspend Photography workshops for the foreseeable future, more about that soon.

Creatively, I've hit a bit of a plateau, something that anyone whom pursues a creative life has to confront sometime, it can be challenging, forcing you to question everything you do and there are individuals who have just given up, put the brushes down, turned the lights out in the studio, hung the camera up, let the typewriter gather dust never to return. Yet, I see this as a time for thought, renewal and re-emegence, to create the next chapter.. So, I've decided to reacess the foundation of my creative pursuits and have come to the conclusion that Black and White needs to be my focus for a while and we'll see where that takes me. 


New Camera and Lenses

Actually its a completely new system, after 15yrs of shooting with Canon, I've switched to Fujifilm Mirrorless., the Fujifilm XT2, Yes, you read that right, mirrorless for landscape photography! Gone off your rocker have you? well, not quite yet, not far off though! The transition came after much thought and a severe reality check! Last January I broke my left ankle whilst out on location, not surgical, Thankfully, but needless  to say the recovery has been slightly challenging to say the least. I was told it would take about a year to finally heal and get back to normal, whatever that is!   I've never wanted a year to go by as quickly! So as it stands, excuse the pun, I have the better part of 6 months to go. But I digress, so back to cameras, I went to a mirrorless system for a number of reasons, weight, lenses and dynamic range, all of which have been improved upon since I purchased my camera, new software updates by Fuji have made the camera even more user friendly. I won't say there hasn't been a learning curve, when you've been with one manufacturer and known one menu system for 15yrs plus it becomes second nature. The files from the fuji are beautiful, the lenses robust, sharp, contrasty, well built and cheaper. The Aperture ring on the lenses a nice surprise. Presently having an affair with the 10-24mm fujinon lens, I'll post more findings after I've had the camera for a while.


New Website design

Well the time had come for a change, Change is the only constant they say, I wonder why we as a species seem so resistant to it? The website lacked a the dynamic feel that I wanted and I hadn't found a template that offered a minimalistic style that allowed for grater ease of use, The chaps at Squarespace have released some new templates one of which is the template Im presently transitioning to, I've noticed of late no matter where I go society seems to be spending more of their time scrolling on their phones, at home, at work, in the drive-thru at starbucks, at the grocery store and finally just out and about, The dynamic overuse of the thumb whilst scrolling I predict will cause overuse injuries including arthritis, That said the goal of the newly designed website is to give you enough information at first with a scroll for you to want to explore more. We shall see. The new sections, including "new work" new galleries and a online store will be on the way, all of which take time away from getting out onto location, speaking of which, I've not shot for a few weeks, UGH!


Fractures and Social Media!

As some of you may know, mostly those whom follow me on social media, about 7 weeks ago I fell and broke my ankle whilst on location, I'm hopefully nearing the homestretch as far as healing is concerned, my ability to walk is getting better, never knew how much I liked to walk or wear normal shoes, it's interesting to do without what we take for granted. Whilst on the sidelines with the company of my cat, I've had some time to reflect, think about changing camera systems, different venues for exhibiting work, even experimenting with different mediums and occasionally feeling sorry for myself! Truth be told, it's been a bit of a slog, I've severely missed getting out traveling/walking to location and creating a photograph, I look at stairs somewhat differently now! 

I've had time to wander through my archives and look for visual clues regarding style or technique, mainly because I was reliving what someone expressed jokingly or not that I was "a one trick pony" and to be honest I was a little pissed off. Yet when looking at the archives I did see a style, foggy water, long exposures, dramatic light, compositions were a little formulaic, nothing I haven't seen before depicted across the vastness of the internet. I could argue that's my style and I like it that way, its my vision, my art, certainly a very defensive stance, and why wouldn't you defend your vision, your craft that you've spent years perfecting! Where am I going with this? I’m not sure to be honest, yet I suppose if we were to look for the lesson here, it would be, or it would be my interpretation that, don’t be swayed by the opinions of others, art is such a fickle medium and many an artist has been stunted or even worse given up being creative, I think thats unfortunate. 

I have images in my house that are just for me, no-one will see them unless they visit, I shot them with myself in mind and have 30x40’s of both Iceland and the Northcoast hanging on my walls just for my enjoyment! My thought here is, unless you’re shooting commercially, you ought to be shooting for yourself, not for the masses, not for likes on Facebook, or Instagram, for yourself, we live in a society were social media is so pervasive and often invasive, its seemingly changing the way we interact in person, 

So shoot what you love, what your passionate about, for yourself, and those whom either don’t like it nor understand your work…….thats perfectly ok, never let the opinions of other define you, seems like everyone has an opinion these days, myself included!